A hockey pitch for Sierra Leone by 2022

Help us build a hockey campus as the centre for all hockey activities in Sierra Leone.
The pitch is already in Sierra Leone.
Now, we need your help to finance the final part and construct the pitch.


Central location for hockey in Sierra Leone


left to reach our goal


Children affected
The problem

Infrastructure is the main roadblock for hockey to develop in Sierra Leone

Clubs currently train on dust fields and in backyards which commonly cause injuries. There is no safe place for the club to train or host regular matches.

"The Field of Dreams" pitch

One sports campus to unite hockey in Sierra Leone

The “Field of Dreams” will offer a central place for field hockey in Sierra Leone, where field hockey players can improve their skills in the future with training camps and regular competitive matches between clubs, but also learn important values of cohesion and togetherness and get a balance in their daily life.

Many of the tasks have already been completed

Everything is prepared. Now we are ready to go the last mile.

Secure and flat location near Freetown

In June 2022, we succeeded in winning a school and an orphanage, the Rogbere School and Orphanage, not far from the suburb of Waterloo, as a partner for the construction and operation of the "Field of Dreams". The school has a secure, sufficiently large and levelled piece of land.

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A trusted partner with construction experience

Truestone has experience with local construction companies which helps  keep the costs for the land preparation very low. Truestone also runs a school and an orphanage next to the pitch whose children will be able to access the pitch too.

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A professional turf already in Sierra Leone

Last year, we shipped a professional field hockey turf to Sierra Leone that THC Münster generously donated when they renewed their pitch. It is stored in Freetown, waiting to be laid out.

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Use of funds

The foundation that will make the pitch last for 10+ years

First, we will flatten the land to get an even surface for the pitch. Then, the area will be compacted and reinforced to get a durable foundation on which the turf can rest. Drainage needs to be installed to protect the pitch against heavy rainfalls and flooding during the rainy season. Once we have the solid foundation, we can roll out the pitch and glue it to the base, where it will hopefully provide a safe and appropriate space for many children and young people to play hockey and other sports.

Smoothing and excavation
Bricks and filling for the reinforcement
Drainage channels
Total cost
About the sierra leone hockey trust

The Trust acts as an enabler for local communities

We work with communities to provide a safe environment for children and young adults to play sports. We provide equipment, develop infrastructure and facilitate the transfer of knowledge from European field hockey clubs and players to Sierra Leone.

The Association and the TRUST

From university friends to grassroot communities in Freetown

Cornelius Heidmann
Dominique Paul
Tatjana Hoesch
Pauline Hiltscher
Philipp Baumanns
Carolin Ronde
Samuel Saar Sambo
Osman Sillah
Abdul Raman
Alusine Koroma
Mohamed Bah
Ibrahim Kamara

The "Field of Dreams" video

Watch the video

We have summarised the story of the field of dreams in a short four-minute video.

Success Stories!

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And help us make the vision of the pitch a reality in time for Christmas 2022

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