The centre of hockey in Sierra Leone

With the help of more than 100 donors, we constructed the Field of Dreams in Freetown. The field represents a monumental milestone for hockey in Sierra Leone: its the only place where all teams can play matches and train without any access restraints.

The Siera Leone Hockey Trust team

A project started by friends from university

We all met at university where we were either active or founding members of the university’s field hockey club. One of our members became aware of a request for field hockey equipment in a forum on the UN website. The project at first started out with a small collection of 50 sticks that were shipped by DHL. 

In 2020 we traveled to Sierra Leone for the first time. The video that summarised our trip reached players all across Europe. We were able to collect over 6000 sticks and sent the first batch to Sierra Leone in January 2021. Part of the team lived in Sierra Leone for half a year after that and developed strong bonds with players and coaches.

Cornelius Heidmann

Cornelius played at Uhlenhorst Mülheim and later for the U18 German national team with which he won the European championship in 2014. He currently works in finance.

Dominique Paul

Dominique played at the Marienburger SC in Cologne since he was five years old and is currently wrapping up his master's in statistics and machine learning.

Tatjana Hoesch

Tatjana played at ESV Munich and co-founded a start-up that helps individuals around the world learning to code.

Pauline Hiltscher

Pauline played at HC Wacker München. She works at a communications consultancy.

Philipp Baumanns

Philipp first played hockey at the age of 7 for the Hamburg Polo Club. Philipp has just finished his Master in Business Analytics and is now working in Berlin.

Carolin Ronde

From the age of 6 Carolin played for HTC Stuttgarter Kickers. Since graduating with her bachelor's degree this spring, Carolin is taking a gap year and is currently working in consulting.

field hockey players walking onto a hockey pitch
Get involved

Interested in joining us?

The pitch is there. Now it is time to use it to the fullest. You can support the local teams by organising training camps and introducing children and young adults from neighbouring villages to the game. We encourage you to come with a friend or even as a small group. Reach out to us for more information.

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